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Thread: Lijek za visok pritisak

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    Lijek za visok pritisak

    Ovo sam nasao najednom Americkom forumu.Mora se koristiti nepreradzeno sirce od jabuke koje imakao mulj na dnu flase izgleda kao balto.Neki kazu da nije dobro za zube,zato gaje najbolje piti sa slamkom.Gurnuti slamku u usta da je sto blize grlu.Dvije kasikeujutro i navece.Ovo su komentari sa foruma.
    YEA]08/18/2012: Sukhdev from Kanata, On, Canada: "I would say "ACV"is amazing. I was always in this thought that I ve "White CoatSyndrum" but it was not the reality so I was dignose with HBP(reading160/100) in May. I want to try some natural remedies instead going onmedication as I am taking medication for high cholesterol. I found thiswonderful site of natrual remedies. I started taking ACV on Aug. 14 (this day Ihad Cardiac stress test and my BP was 165/110) within 4 days my BP is down to133/88. Really I am surprised to see the results THanks to"Earthclinic"
    HowI take ACV? After reading almost every page on this topic, I choose take itlike this:
    3tbls(0. 8 oz) of ACV and 1 tbls of Honey mix in
    8-10 oz of warm water. I take it in the morning and bed time.

    Thats IT"
    10/13/2012: Connie Sue from Duncan, Ok, Usareplies: "Gloria, I have had great success also---in only 3 days. I hadbeen feeling very tired , weak and had a headache for several days. Actually,months! I usually take my blood pressure often because my mother and sister hadhigh blood pressure controlled very poorly by medicine. I've been borderlinefor years. I finally got up the nerve to take it and was shocked to see it was196/115. I never go to the doctor, but could see this was serious. It was onThursday. I decided to try acv. I drank 1 tbls with the juice of a lime inabout a half cup of water. I did this 2 times on Thursday, but pressure stillstayed above 190/105. I took the vinegar once yeasterday morning , did not takemy pressure but still felt bad. This morning I took a dose, and an hour latertook my pressure. I noticed I felt better. Pressure is 145/90. I am so happy. Iwill take my pressure daily now and continue drinking the Apple Cider Vinegardaily. I hope to see these numbers continue to drop to normal. Thanks EarthClinic!"
    YEA]01/05/2012: Newshed from Minneapolis, Mn: "Last Thursday I had my BP takenand it was 164/104 that was at 6AM I waited 10 minutes for a retake and it hadwent to 160/107. I donate plasma and have on and off for years and that's how Iknow this. There have been other times the last few months where it's 159/99 or165/103 and so on. I do have neuropathy in my feet which can be very painfuland I had taken 2 ibuprofen and 2 acetominophin at about 4AM as my feet were ina lot of pain. I like to donate plasma so I can have extra money for the weekand I also know a couple people who rely on it and even if it's not mine myfriends have nurses out to their homes and hook up to the **** line to do themedicine delivery. I couldn't donate that day and it was a bummer so I went tomy car got on the Internet on my phone and found this site and that morningbefore work I went and got _____s ACV at the store thank goodness Byerly'sopens at 6AM. I went home told my wife and started ASAP.
    Ipersonally after reading several pages and posts decided to take 3 tablespoons2 times a day. I mix it with Apple Juice and I small spoonful of this thick andgooey honey my wife has. It's only been 4 days and I went to donate again at6AM, (I like to be first then I'm done by 7:15) and get this my BP went to149/89. Fluke? Who knows but even the lady I like to have screen me even saidhow low it is today and my iron was excellent she said, best she's seen. Now ithasn't helped my feet at all but I do feel my appetite has changed for thebetter as well. So thank all you kind people who helped me and I'm an ACVdrinker now!"
    [NAY] 01/17/2012: Chattyone from So Cal, Ca replies: "My bloodpressure was 199/100 when someone suggested I take ACV mixed in a large amountof water, thru a straw 3xs per day, which I did. Within a month, every one ofmy crowns fell off. Never had the problem before or since : ( Now I take overthe counter meds (not happy about it) now as I am afraid of what else mighthappen. Very expensive lesson."
    11/08/2012: Naila fromLos Angeles, California replies: "For those using ACV, please plea****member that you must brush/rinse after EVERY time. Those who had teeth/crownissues, this was probably the main reason (unless there are other factors withtheir teeth. ) The benefits of ACV far outway this one "sideeffect".. but if care is taken, there should be NO side effect."
    10/07/2011:Karenann from Houston, Tx, Usa: "I have only been taking ACV for a shorttime and my BP has already lowered. I dreaded having my BP taken in the Dr.sOffice, because it was so high. Usually ran 150/98 or somewhere in thatneighborhood.
    Iam on HBP meds and have been for years. Since taking two TBS in four OZ. ofgrape juice it is now 122/78. I found it taste really good in apple juice too.You can barely taste the ACV. I am using organic ACV. Thanks for this wonderfulwebsite.
    Maggiefrom Houston, TX
    YEA]08/02/2011: Dave from Dillsburg, Pennsylvania: "I've been taking AppleCider Vinegar for a couple of months , my blood pressure use to be 130 /95 andwith taking Apple Cider Vinegar my blood pressure is now 122/80, I was shockedhow great my blood pressure is now by taking Apple Cider Vinegar thank youearth clinic for the knowledge you gave me on this awesome sight."
    YEA] 07/12/2011: Atane fromCharlotte, Nc: "I began taking ACV for blood pressure 1 month ago. I wason 3 pills with a normal day of 150/80. just came from the md my blood pressueis down to 130/80 in one month 2 Tbs w 8 oz water 2 x daily. I have been takenoff all medication except one. This product is absolutely remakable. I dont goa day with out it... Be blessed"
    YEA] 03/17/2011: Margaret from Knoxville, Tnreplies: "I have been taking one to two tablespoons of organic ACV withone to two teaspoons of good local honey with a couple of ounces of warm waterfirst thing in the morning for over two years. I take it for a number ofreasons. I did not have true blood pressure issues prior to starting - usuallyrunning about 110/70 sometimes up to 120/70. However, after about six months onthe ACV, it is consistently 100/60.
    Iactually started on the ACV for rheumatoid arthritis pain because I am notinterested in prescription drugs. The ACV with honey and water controls the RApain. You will have to keep taking the ACV to keep your blood pressure down. Ifyou stop, it will begin to creep back up. However, the ACV has so manywonderful effects in the body, I can't see any reason to stop. I would say,however, that everyones should be sure to "swish and swallow" withclean water following the ACV because it can be really hard on the tooth enamelotherwise."
    YEA] 08/17/2006: Anita fromBaguio City, Philippines: "Last year I experienced having high bloodpressure almost everyday and I keep on taking medicines but still the BP ispresent so I tried the apple cider vinegar because I learned from my daughterabout the effect and I surfed the internet and found that it is really amazing.For two weeks of drinking apple cider vinegar without honey or sugar because Ilike the taste, my BP is normal and my feeling is very good, and as if mystomach is cleaned from toxins. I will continue to drink apple cider vinegar toexperience more the health effects and I am sharing it with my friends so thatthey will also try
    [YEA] 08/14/2006:Sherri from Atlanta, GA: "A friend told me about ACV for the reduction ofblood pressure... and IT REALLY WORKED! For two weeks I've had extremely highBP, after trying 2 400mg tablets yesterday, my BP dropped from 180/131 to116/82! IT'S A MIRACLE!"
    [YEA] 06/16/2006:Cecilia from Strongsville, OH: "I have had chronic lower back pain foryears and after taking AVC twice daily for a month I have noticed a drastic difference.I was restricted in activities and now I can do just about everything. While atthe doctor's I also found out that my blood pressure dropped from 124/80 to116/68. In January, 2006 I was diagnosed with acid reflux, which resulted withpills every day. Since taking the AVC I haven't had to take any medication forthe acid reflux. I believe it has also helped with my allergies. This really isa miracle cure."
    [YEA] 06/08/2006:Mary from NSW Australia: "I just read your web page on how ACV lowers bloodpressure so I gave it a try and in 10 minutes it dropped from 146 over 91 pulse82 at 10.05pm down to 138 over 80 pulse 83 at 10.15pm
    YEA] 05/29/2006: Sandra fromSavannah, GA: "I took Garlic, ACV, all known foods against HBP [celery,bananas, etc.]. So discouraged b/c of high "situational" BP, droppedfrom trucking school/now, it has dropped from 169/110 to 159/98 in two days. Iknew better b/c i never have it. Not only that, being an af-am female, theywere quick to offer some medication, which i just as quickly rejected! Getwell, stay well, everybody."
    YEA] 05/16/2006: Edmund fromBaltimore, MD: "My last physical was in March, my blood pressure was139/90. After finding this website. I thought I would give ACV a try. I stoppedtaking my HBP meds about a month and a half ago and have strictly been on ACVand garlic. I take 2tbls of ACV with a little spring water and I take 2 caps ofgarlic, which I buy loose and cap myself. I went to the nurse's office thismorning and had my blood pressure checked it was 124/77. I was amazed to saythe least. I try to watch what I eat, but I know It was the ACV and garlicbecause I had already modified my eating habits when my blood pressure washigher. I send this website to everyone I can think of. I have been preachingthe wonders of ACV!!!"
    [YEA] 03/11/2006: Ingridfrom Fort Walton Beach, FL: "Apple Cider Vinegar is a fast and reliableway of lowering high blood pressure. I had a reading of 166/102 about 30minutes ago, now it's at 143/86 after 3 or 4 tablespoons of ACV with water. Tryit, it works."
    [YEA] 02/01/2006: Donnafrom Lancaster SC: "I came across this site looking for natural results inlowering my husband's blood pressure which was 166 over 90 and had 1/3 of hislung removed due to finding lung cancer in stage 1 after we had a vehicleaccident. Since we both are American Indians, I wanted something natural so Igot it and tried it on him, myself and our 24 year old daughter who has asthma.We started this past Sunday and the next day I didn't feel bloated like usualso I told all at work and they just looked at me so I printed this out. Tuesdaymorning I had energy like never before so with the paper and they saw me andread this site they all went to get the ACV and about 20 customers were going.My husband's blood pressure is as of 1/31/06 150 over 80 and he claims that hefeels like "jumping rope" so with fresh vege and lean meats and verylow sodium in his diet with this is working and since Sunday i have lost 5 lbsand my hair is no longer falling out (waist length). It's so nice to comb mylong hair and it isn't falling out anymore or see my hair on everything.Thankyou all so much. Donna -- Geyatahi Cherokee Indian NC"
    YEA]11/23/2005: Carlene from South Africa: "I have tried adding 1 tablespoonchased with water in the morning after breakfast and again in evening aftermeal to test if any difference in my high blood pressure. In less than oneweek, I noticed I was very dizzy and feeling rather weak. I took my bloodpressure and it was 102/66... VERY LOW after years of 130s/90's WITH medicationdaily. I have stopped taking my blood pressure medication and checking mypressure 3 times daily to find it's consistently now 120's/70's. I amcompletely amazed. I'd been taking supplements (fish oil, garlic, E, flax)along with my medication for a long time and have kept that up. The only thingI can attribute this major change is the addition of apple cider vinegar!"
    [YEA] 09/02/2005:Jaime from Birmingham AL: "Had a headache, checked blood pressure it wasvery high, mixed some ACV 10 minutes later, checked my pressure again it haddropped 10 points top and bottom number THANKS
    YEA] 06/23/2009: Noels fromWolverhampton, UK: "I do hope this isn't the second post by me today. Justas I was sending the first my email crashed. Anyway I'm 74 and 10yrs ago hadhigh BP 180/120. My Doc put me on Antenolol 50mg/day which brought it down toround about 145/90. In the last 2 months I have been taking ACV maintenancedose 3xday and my BP has come down 120/89, 115/80 and yesterday 112/60 great???

    Question do I still keep taking ACV, Will my BP stabilise or should I stopbefore it gets dangerously low?

    Since taking ACV I have felt like a new person very lively and active. I alsolost 4Lbs in weight and some of my hearing has returned. I wear 2 hearing aids.Any helpful comments very welcome

    [YEA] 06/08/2009: Sunsongfrom Mission, BC, Canada: "I started using the Earth Clinic recommendeddose of ACV (with the mother) just 4 days ago. I started using it in hopes thatit would help with my aches and pains, as well as with my weight. Well I'm notone to weigh myself on the scale, but i did feel a little more energetic andclearer in the mind after starting the ACV. What totally took me by surprisewas when i measured my blood pressure in a drug store this morning whilst i wasin town doing some shopping. It had dropped to 116/65, (and that is afterwalking with my heart pounding). It had consistently been 130/87 or so for thelast year (it was a biochemically stressful year for me). I was going to goback on Niacin (vitamin B3) because it is so good for the cardiovascularsystem, but if the ACV works this good on blood pressure i am going to telleveryone i know.
    I sat at the drugstore blood pressure could something work this FAST?? Then i came home and wentright to the Earth Clinic website to read others stories on blood pressure andACV. I didn't KNOW it also worked for blood pressure!!!! Two thumbs up forACV.....WOW

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    YEA]05/29/2009: Patrick from Nassau, Bahamas: "Well I went to the doctor forthe first time in years, two days ago. They told me that my blood pressure was140/76. I went because for the past few days I was feeling extremely tired andI got dizzy when I would stand to long or do any work. I knew something waswrong. When she told me, I kinda expected it.

    I was always and active person but as of late since I got this new job it'slike I'm stuck behind the desk constantly and then when I get home I have myown work to do. I am a photographer and graphic artist. And with the slow inthe economy, every penny counts. My father used to have HBP, Gout and he had 2or 3 heart attacks in his lifetime.

    I took it hard when I was told I was borderline high. I wasn't prescribedanything but exercise and ease up off the fatty foods, sodas, caffeine,......all the bad stuff. As soon as I got to my computer I started googling and cameup with earthclinic.

    Thanks to you guys, I went out and got the ___
    [apple cider vinegar] and took 2 tbs rawbefore i went to bed.

    Got up the next morning and felt like a new man. And now I have gotten backinto my routine exercise. I haven't had no fast foods or junk for the past fewdays, just fruits vegetables and lean meats. No coffee tea or sodas. Just waterand certain juices.

    It's amazing how we wait until things happen before we take action. But YEA the___with Mother works. After the first dose I started using the 2tsp ACV with8oz Water and a squeeze of lemon. And it tastes good too. "

    [YEA] 05/16/2009: PrincessDolly Girl from Great Falls, Montana: "Like many of you have been amazedto find how apple cider vinegar aids in lowering blood pressure, I too amhappily amazed. I have had HBP for 10 years(I am 40) Almost 3 months ago Istarted a new BP medicine and my BP continues to get higher. I started takingtyrosine to help with mood swings and anxiety. It is working GREAT but it hasstarted raising my BP even more. So today I went searching for somethingnatural and ended up here. Last week my BP was 168/113. Today after I took 2doses of 2 tablespoons of ACV in 8 oz of water with 1 teaspoon of honey my BPwas 149/99. I was so hoping I would see a difference right away. I was notdisappointed. Thank you all for your knowledge and the willingness to shareit."
    YEA] 04/27/2009: Debra fromLittleton, North Carolina: "My BP had been running around 150/90-170/90and sometimes higher. My doc put me on BP meds.(about a year now) I starteddoing ACV for health purposes, I have been mixing ACV and water (4 tbsp ACV in20 oz of water) 2-3 X's a day. I started this about a month ago. The lastseveral days my BP was plummeting to 90/50. I started wondering what wascausing this. It dawned on me maybe it is the ACV. I was taking it mainly forcurbing carb cravings and weight loss. I did not know about the BP benefits. Iam not advising anybody to go off meds for their BP. I have gone off mine and Iwill tell my Dr. about this. I also don't feel sluggish anymore. My allergieshave improved greatly. My eyes are brighter. I have not seen any reduction inreduction of carb cravings or weight loss I am thrilled overall with the otherbenefits. I am hoping my cholesterol will also be better!"
    [YEA] 04/15/2009: Kemelfrom Miami, Fl. USA: "High Blood Presure Cure: Wow I have been going nuts inthe past couple of weeks, feeling light headed even strong headache andvomiting after heavy rowing/racing on saturdays. I dont like to go to doctorsand i have been resisting the pill my pressure was 178/118 this morning and hasbeen as high as 190/126. This week I have been taking garlic tablets with someimprovement but not enough. After drinking ___ brand apple cider vinegar, about1/2 inch on the bottom of a mug and two inches of water the results were asfollows. I dropped 10 points in the first 25 minutes. I drank some more andwent to do errands. About two hours later and after a ten minute nap I am downto 138/95 my lowest in two years. Wow! I am happy and releived. Than[YEA] 04/08/2009: Sandrafrom West Palm Beach, Florida: "I am taking ACV for dabetes and high bloodpressure, it is working perfectly, within three days. I would like to takechlorophyll as an internal deorant. I don't want to cause a bad reaction,please let me know. I was taking a store bought apple cider it was not distilland it said it was natural. I t worked. Then I decided to get ___ ACV, what adifference, it really works. I thank God for you and this website. I read wherecholorophyll is even good for diabetes. My blood pressure read 140/70, this wasafter a week, I had to wait til I went to the doctor. My blood sugar wasnoticed within two days, because I have a monitor at home. I tried oil pulling,but didn't like it, at least I tried t for a week. Please let me knowsomething."
    [YEA] 04/06/2009:Mary (RN) from Landenberg, PA: "2 tsp ACV normalized blood pressue in 30minutes. Recently began to notice a difference in left and right side bloodpressure (left arm normal range 110/70 and right side elevated to 148/68. Onsetfairly recent and only at night after dinner. Considered possiblility of highprotein intake at evening meal but was unconvinced that was the cause though itmay be reducing viscosity of blood and a contibuting factor. A few months agochanged my nutrition plan to improve pH using a significant alkalinizing product.Result appears to be that the increased alkalinity is reducing potassium.Addition of ACV has balance the blood pressure so it is equal on both the leftand right arma and in the normal range between 100/70-120/80 Pulse 62 after 2days of use (2 tsp only in evening. Never occurred to me that improving pH ofsaliva could result in decreased potassium levels but apparently it has in mysituation and ACV restores imbalance and therfore blood pressure normalizes.(RN)"
    [YEA] 03/27/2009: Ali fromBursa, Turkey: "ACV for blood pressure: I have been having high bloodpressure, for the first time in my life. I am 56 and have Type 2 diabetes. Atthe doctors, I had consistent high bp measurements for a few times, and thedoctor decided to monitor it for a week and put me on medication depending onthe results. My son told me about earthclinic and ACV and one night I decidedto give it a shot. I measured my bp at 15.9/10.1. I took ACV (about two tbspand some water) and measured it again 30 min later. Voila!!!! It was 12.2/8.5.I have since been on ACV and have my bp has measured normal, no more high bp.Thank you earthclinic and ACV!!!"
    YEA]02/26/2009: Pamela from Atlanta, GA: "ACV - My blood pressure dropped 20points in 2 hrs.
    Iwas at work last Friday and suddenly started to feel light-headed. My co-workersuggested that I take my blood pressure using her unit. To our surprise myblood pressure read 168/99. Never have I had a reading that high. Anotherco-worker who lives close by went home and returned with a small plastic cupwith ACV. I took two tablespoons approximately and drank it straight. No toobad! After one hour it went down to 144/88 and then one hour later it read127/84. I was feeling alot better... so ACV WORKS.
    YEA] 02/25/2009: Ron from ChulaVista, Ca: "the apv does work i have borderline high blood pressure andhave been doing it for 4 days and my blood pressure ranged from 150/90 andthats with atenonol and lisinopril and now i quit the atenonol and still takethe small does of lisinopril and now my blood pressure is 133/67 to 125/75thats wonderful . so the doctor can take there medicine and keep it. i hopesoon i will be able to get of the lisinopril. by the way i am exercising andwatching salt and watching what i eat but i know its the ACV. All i know itsworking for me. best wishes"
    YEA] 01/27/2009: Giovanna fromSan Jose, Ca: "I have had high blood pressure for the last 2 years since ihad my baby. Well I recently checked my BP and it had soared to 188/98 Oh mygoodness I freaked out. After reading these wonderful reviews I decided I havenothing to lose but HBP. So i ordered organic ACV over the internet had itdelivered to me. and after 2 days of taking 2tablespoons of acv and water Ichecked my BP today and it was 111/84. Since i was in shock. I checked it againa half hour later and the exact same number came up again. I am in totaldisbelielf. I will continue to take ACV and checkmy BP again in a couple ofdays but i am so excited about this. Thanks so much for all these wonderful reviews.I am convinced that ACV does work. The numbers prove it!!!!!"
    YEA] 12/16/2008: Marqueze fromNashville, TN: "Where do I begin.....130/77 from 159/100 in 1 week...NOMEDS Just ACV twice a day, 2 tsp with water. I can't believe it like I reallycan't. I never buy into the internet crap cause people lie but I am reallytelling you folks that it works. Its nasty as he** but it works. My Dr. waslike wow...No BP meds only good ole ACV in me baby! Yes! Thank God for hiscreation. I really think there are cures for everything right in the earth...Wejust have to keep researching and say screw the DR'S who charge us all themoney for meds. Long Live ACV!"
    [YEA] 12/03/2008:NICOLE from EMU HEIGHTS, NSW AUSTRALIA: "APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Has LoweredMy Blood Pressure 15 weeks of a high blood pressure was told by my doctor thati would have to go on medication if it didn't come down.October 31st havefallen pregnant and didn't want to be on meds so i decided to do ACV 2tablespoons to a cup of warm water 3 times a day.Went to the doctor today after2 weeks on ACV.Previous reading 140/98 my reading today was 120/85 i was amazedhow quick it really does work.I have taken ACV over 7 years on and off and havedecided to stay on it forever as of today .It really does work give it a tryi'm glad i did it again otherwise i would be on medication to lower my bloodpressure.If anyone would like to contact me in regards to ACV and share yourpersonal results please do Nikki"
    YEA] 11/24/2008: Janafrom Midlothian, Virginia: "Wow! I stumbled om this site to find a naturalcure for HBP. Mine has usually been 120/70 for years. It has steadily crept up.In July '08 my pressure spiked to 160/96. I was put on medication for 15 daysand then was taken off after it returned to normal. I checked my BP 11/20/08and it was 176/101! I decided to try the ACV recipe of 2 TBS with 8 oz of water3 times a day. I also kept a bottle of water with me with 2 capfuls of vinegar.Today 11/24/08 I went to the same place to check my BP and it was 127/82! Notbad for only 5 days! I plan to continue with this for the rest of my life.Thanks for all your posts and your help! "
    [YEA] 11/16/2008at from Brookings, OR: "Hello~ Two weeks ago after a decade of high bloodpressure and suffering from the side effects of Benicar to control it I went tothis website. I was weaning off the Benicar and literally sick with bloodpressure 185/115. I started regimen of 2 tbsps. ACV, 1 tsp. cayenne and 1 tsp.cinnamon in a.m. in 1/2 glass of water. At noon and evening the ACV only. Twoweeks have passed and this morning I am at 131/85 with no prescription drugs!In addition, I use ACV (unfiltered, organic) as a toner and my skin is the bestit has ever been! I am 51. I will say I haven't lost any weight and when addingthe baking soda my pressure went up. So will attack the 10 lbs. I need to losenext. Thank you!"
    YEA] 10/26/2008: PatrickMcGill from Wellington, New Zealand: "I started taking ACV a week ago. 4dessertspoons of ACV in a glass of water. My BP has come down from 160/90 to125/73 over the week. I am on Cardizem 360mg a day as well. I hope to reducethis to 180mg in due course. I hear that ACV being acidic can cause teethenamel problems. So a mouth rinse after taking it may be helpful."

    [YEA] 10/23/2008: Vicariousfrom Vancouver, British Columbia: "Hi. 53/1m89.93kg male.Never drinkalcohol, don't smoke,not much fat, little salt. Near very healthy, organicveggie patch etc. I near never eat anything like potato chips, fast food,canned soups . etc no much High Blood in my family till age over 80 my grand pa(he drank what I will talk about below) and my dad over 92 now has some highblood also now only.
    SuddenlyI have High Blood Pressure here in Canada where I live for one year now. Livedin the Tropics last 30 years and swam in a pool every day +-1hr. Now here inCanada a very sedentary life. Too much on my bum I admit but work is by the PC.Anyway I follow this webpage here quite some time now and take ACV 2 x 2 bigsoup spoon of ACV (organic with mother) not the clear from supermarket, mix itin non sugar added Grapefruit juice with water 1/4 -3/4 1st and last thingevery day and it came down from 165 to +- 140.. in one month WITHOUT any othermedicine.
    Ialso take one Aspirin per day and the usual Multi vitamin. I am not very"Pro Medicine Pills Person". I also take "Oil of Oregano"for general health 3 x 5 drops per day. That cleared a 4 month chronic / viraloffice cough of my partner that doctors tried to cure with antibiotics, in 7days!!! 4got to say he also takes the ACV! It all seem to have improveddramatically his 30 years "GERD, gastritis" also, amazing isn't it?.So maybe "OIL OF OREGANO" may help for High blood also? Now my bloodpressure still not normal but will continue. I feel less often the dizzy head.
    Irecall my Grand father in Austria drinking one month on one off 1L of AppleJuice " with mother" not the clear one made what they call REFORMHAUS/HOUSE. (An old Austrian woman solution) to high blood pressure. But heresuch Apple juice is like 11$ per liter so.. not $ feasible. Anyone had such asimilar story with the Apple juice in America
    YEA] 10/13/2008: Randyfrom Santa Cruz, CA: "Hi everyone. Great site for health issues. I havebeen taking ACV every morning and night 2 Tabl. to 8 to 12oz of water. Duringthe day, I mix a quart bottle of spring water with about 4 tabl. of ACV anddrink throughout the day. Anyway, my blood pressure that has always been highfor over 25 years is now down like never before.
    Priorto any meds: 160/96
    With meds: 130/86
    NO MEDS and ACV: 110/60
    Throughout the day my blood pressure has found a new home of 110/60.
    I discontinued my medications because my blood pressure with ACV and MEDSbecame too low: 98/56
    No Meds...ACV alone: 110/60 like clockwork.

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    Ifeel so fortunate to find the ACV recipe here at earth clinic. I go in for acholesterol reading in about 2 weeks...I will let you know the results withoutstatins."
    YEA] 09/05/2008: Maryfrom San Bernardino, CA: "I found this site just over a couple of weeksago while searching for a natural remedy for high blood pressure. I amextremely overweight but was having trouble exercising because of the effectsof the medicines my doctor put me on. I did not want to go back to that doctor,nor do I want to stay on these medicines any longer. I can tell that thesemedicines are poisoning my system.

    I had found several remedies that would cost more than my prescriptions, andwas about to order one of them when something told me to keep looking.

    That was when I found this site. I read through all of the comments and decidedthat it wouldn't hurt to try the apple cider vinegar. If it didn't work, Icould always try one of those expensive remedies.

    I have been taking the apple cider vinegar for just about two weeks now and Ihave noticed an incredible change in my energy levels. Before I started takingthe apple cider vinegar, I was always feeling sluggish and had no energy. I wasconstantly falling asleep at church and at home in front of my computer. Nowthe sluggish feeling is gone, I have more energy, and I do not have the problemof falling asleep all the time. I am also exercising now.

    Yesterday, I forgot to take my afternoon dose of medicine. I wasn't feelingright (I feel 'off' when I don't take my blood pressure medicine) so I took myblood pressure. The average reading was 145/96. Normally when I forget mymedicine, the average reading is 165/101. Today, with my medicine, the averagewas 123/77 (this is after drinking a couple of glasses of cola!) - normally itis 130/85 or 140/90 if I have had any kind of caffeine.

    Not only is my blood pressure beginning to come down, but I have also lost 10pounds in two weeks! Hopefully, I will be able to come off of the medicinessoon so I can finally get healthy again. Thank you so much for thiswebsite!"

    [YEA] 07/29/2008:John from Okeechobee, Florida: "I have high blood pressure and have beentaking medication for years, but doesn't really seem to work and I was at apoint 3 weeks ago where my blood pressure was high (195/110, causing medizziness, headaches, etc. My daughter was worried, so she went on the computerto research remedies for HBP and came across this website. She wrote down theremedies that can possibly bring my blood pressure down and looked in ourrefridgerator and the first thing she found was the Apple Cider Vinegar andtold me to take a shot of it and I did. Immediately I felt a little difference,so to make a long story short, I have been taking a shot of the Apple CiderVinegar ever since. I take it first thing in the morning, Mid Day and at nightand it has worked miracles because my blood pressure went down to 130/87. and Ihave NEVER had my blood pressure this low for YEARS. Thanks to all who haveprovided feedback, along with the person who has created this website. It hasprovided more than enough information for me. Thank again, John
    YEA] 07/23/2008: Asmaifrom Houston, USA: "Hi, Ted:
    This may sound strange, I started using acv mixed with v8 low sodium andtabasco sauce and a 12oz can of beer. Not the healthiest formula. My bloodpressure even after madication used to be 145/92.i am aregular 6 to 8 beerdrinker. After a week ichecked my bp, it was down to 128/80 range.after about 3wks it in the 117/75 range.also my heart rate used to 88-92,its down to 68-73.Needless to say I am amazed.
    not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I am very curious as to how this hashappened? Any feedback would greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Asmai."

    YEA] 05/31/2008: Sue fromChoctaw, Oklahoma: "To all, I have use ACV for several months now and havebeen able to go off all blood pressure medication. I started to use ACV forGerd (Acid reflex) blood pressure was 150/90 down to 112/60 in two months. Started to use baking soda in ACV andstarted to have several joint and leg pain. Stopped baking soda, leg pain isbetter. Forget baking soda - it will cause joint pain in some people so be verycareful of it.
    ACVwill also cause anxiety in some people if used to often. Changes the PH of thebody. I have to be careful not to do over one to two teaspoons at a time. Hasanyone taken the tablets and do they work ? I also am a R.N. for 22 years and sosick of medication that D.R. put out like candy always looking for alter curesfor problem. Most medication is short time cure to more medication."
    [YEA] 05/08/2008: Julie from Berlin, Wisconsin: "I actuallyfound this site yesterday. I just found out I have high BP and decided to takethe advice and try the ACV. I have used it for acid reflux in the past and knewit worked for why not. I was amazed!!! I also suffer from anxiety. Itook it yesterday after reading the site and had a physical today. You wouldnot believe the results. First, about five minutes after taking it my anxietywas gone and when they took my BP it was sytolic was down twenty point anddistolic was down ten..!!!! Can you believe it..if not try it."

    [YEA] 04/23/2008: Fauzi fromBangi, Malaysia: "I have been on a regiment of ACV for my high bloodpressure over the past seven days. My bp plummeted from 188/110 to now being132/77 thru those 7 days via serious brisk walking (1/2 hour morning, half hourlate afternnon everyday), changing to non-fat diet, and that good old ACV. Mydosage is one tablespoon of ACV and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass ofwater, 3 times a day. Somehow I am pretty confident I can achieve the 120/80level or lower within the next few weeks. For those out there with high bp ( orhigh cholestrol, or high sugar), do not hesitate to try ACV! "

    [YEA] 04/20/2008: Anitafrom Augusta, GA, USA: "Since the use of apple vinegar my bloodpressurewent down to 112/80 and I have been taken of the bloodpressure medication."

    [YEA] 04/12/2008: Charlesfrom Willingboro, NJ USA: "Hi, I read about the great results people havebeen getting from ACV and had heard about its beneficial effects in books, etc.over the years but never really stuck with it. Well I've had high bloodpressure for the last 10 years or so and its been getting progressively worse.I've been put on a wide variety of pills by my physicians whom I've come tobelieve are concerned and try to help (maybe), but nothing they have done hasbeen of any real benefit to my health. Nothing. This past December I went tothe emergency room because my pressure was reading 210/160. I was inexcuriating pain, my head, neck, back, and eyes all felt as if they were putinto a vice or hit with a sledge hammer. No exaggeration. The pain wasunbearable. I left the emergency after five and a half hours without being seenby anyone other than the intake nurse and that's when I decided to take myhealth into my own hands. I began a regime of two tablespoons of ACV in water 2-3times a day. After two weeks I was tempted to give up because I didn't see anyresults but I read a comment that said results sometimes take time and to keepgoing so I did and after my third week there was a breakthrough. My pressurehad come down and I haven't taken any medication since December. I've modifiedmy protocol as I've been going along and this is currently how I take myremedy.
    3tablespoons ACV
    1 teaspoon cinnamon
    half teaspoon cayanne pepper
    in a half glass of water

    No more headaches
    No more high blood pressure (it may rise occassionally-then I take anadditional dosage of ACV and it goes right down)
    No more pains in my joints
    No more sinus problems

    ACVmay not be a miracle cure but it is second only to the grape cure (a regime ofeating only grapes) which is extremely hard to follow for any length of time. Iposted this really because the tendency is for websites to really discount the"folk" remedies and alternative medicine, because its not scientificor FDA approved. I do feel that rational intelligent people can report accurateresults of treatments that we've tried. We don't need a degree or title orgovernment position to state a truth. I'm insulted that we are bombarded onthese expert medical sites with don't try this or that without first consultingyour doctor. Or stating the these "cures" can possible be harmful!Any so called side effect (if there are any) are far less harmful to your bodythan any drug on the market. I could go on put I'll just stop at that. Keepposting what works for you by sharing your results we can learn and try toeducate each other to break through this maze of medical jargon that is used toobscure facts and present half truths."

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    YEA] 04/06/2008: Rachelfrom Bronx, NY: "Hello I want to say that apple cider vinegar really worksfor high blood pressure. I went to the doctor and my blood pressure was 150/110and after taking 2 tbps of apple cider Vinegar 3 times a day for about 3 weekson and off my pressure has gone down to 132/90. It works give it a try!"

    YEA]02/11/2008: Mark from College Station, Texas: "I've got to tell you, I wasa HUGE skeptic about home remedies... but taking ACV for high blood pressurehas been absolutely amazing!!
    Ifound your site a little over a week ago. My blood pressure had been high forquite the 160/95 range...I kept telling myself I could"live" with that. But about a month ago, it started spiking to180/100 and 185/105...and that scared say the least!! I have always workedout...I'm not terribly over weight...maybe 20 lbs...and I eat fairly good. ButI have a somewhat stressful job and I'm definitely a "Type-A" when it spiked I knew I had to do something.
    Istarted using ACV 6 days ago...and today, when I came home from the office forlunch, my bp was 141/83!! I am amazed and so grateful!! I started noticing adifference about two days after I started taking it.
    Whileit is nasty tasting and smelling...I have found that taking 2 tablespoons,three times a day worked great for me. I measure 2 tablespoons into a glass...about one tablespoon of honey... and down she goes. I chase it with a proteinshake!!
    Ipraise God I found this site. Isn't it amazing how God's gifts always seem towork best!!"
    YEA] 01/27/2008: Darrenfrom Hicksville, NY: "I started taking ACV to lower my blood pressure. Notonly did it lower my pressure (My doctor was shocked at how low it went) Italso cured my anxiety and a wart on my hand that i had for over a year. I triedeverythin except going to the doctor to have it froze off. ACV made me a Newperson. Everyone at work said that i have more patience and am more relaxed. Itis the Greatest thing since the invention of the wheel. I put a teaspoon fullin a glass of water."

    [YEA] 01/13/2008: Marlafrom Cleveland, ohio: "I'm reporting back after about 45 days on 2teaspoons ACV, honey and water 3x a day...and it's hard to believe. My BP hasbeen around 162 and as high as 190/92. a walking stroke. Now it's 125/82 andthis morning it was 117/79! I do take a mild diuretic..I am still overweightwith little exercise due to spine and leg pain from an injury. But this hasgiven me some hope to make more changes. Please everybody report back here--soothers can benefit. I am amazed."

    [YEA] 01/01/2008: Johnfrom New York, New York: "I like it straight up - no water. ACV dailyknocked down my blood pressure and I lost 14 pounds in the process."

    [YEA] 12/31/2007: Johnfrom NY: "I live in New York state and had to fight high-blood pressurefor many years. I am 54 and was taking all kinds of meds for hbp and relatedproblems. I started to take the ACV in water And hated it. I started to use iton salads and realized how much I liked it straight up So (I don't recommendthis to everyone) now I just take a swig everday and I have to say "I loveit" I also want to let you know that my BP is better and I feel like a newperson – I also lost 14 pounds Over the last couple of weeks (no drasticchanges to lifestyle – just watching a little more of what I Eat and taking theACV daily)."
    YEA] 11/09/2007: KwakuSam from Accra, Ghana: "My blood pressure hit 140/90 and i was told to becareful. Within two weeks of taking ACV my pressure has dropped to 110/80. Imixed ACV with honey or Maple Syrup and Soda Bicarbonate, twice or thrice a dayI am yet to take results for cholesterol check, since i have been oncholesterol Zocor for more than one year. i have since stopped taking Zocor. Asa matter of fact, I do not intend taking any medicine as long as I have ACV.Only in Emergency cases like accidents, will make me visit the hospital."

    [YEA] 09/08/2007: Sarahfrom Simi Valley, USA: "I am 45 years and I have been borderline highblood pressure for 5 years. At my last Dr visit he said I was now in the 1ststage of High Blood pressure and he wanted to put me on medication. He gave methree months to try and get it under control myself. I found this sight threeweeks ago and began taking 2 TBL spoons of ACV in 8oz of orange juice everymorning. I really have had good results with my diastolic pressure but mysystolic is actually higher. Another nice change has been more energy and myskin is nicer..."

    [YEA] 08/23/2007: Joannefrom Chicago , Il.: "49yrs. old and have HBP I am delighted about comingacross this site. My doctor won't give me the time of day unless I go on hbpmed's. I really do not want to go on medicine. My average blood pressure rangesfrom 140/95 to 130/80. I am taking ACV once a day, 2 tblspns of ACV mixed withO.J. I am charting my bp readings. I get nervous when I take my readings. Ican't help but wonder if this can alter my readings. I am amazed at how manydifferent readings I can get on my bp within a 10 minute time span. Forexample: Today @10am my readings were as follows: 144/71 130/93 124/78 138/89124/83 My pulse rate starts out high: 119 but gradually as I beging to relax itcomes down to 78. Quite an assorted range. Which reading do you use? Should Ionly take one, Doc. said to always throw out first reading. I am taking othervarious natural supplements too. I do yoga and meditate and exercise. I will beinterested to see if acv helps. Should I be adding baking soda to this? Doesbaking soda help alkanize your system."
    06/08/2008: David fromChino Hills, CA replies: "your blood pressure monitoring device may beinnaccurate....they can be iffy...take it to your doctor next time and check itagainst their equipment!"

    [YEA] 08/14/2007: Betty from B'ham, Alabama: "I have came uponthis site about a month ago, I think its really great that i did... i have hadhigh blood pressure for years and Ive tried all kinds of prescriptions drugsfor high blood pressure and nothing has helped .. really, nothin has helped inbringin my blood pressure down as ACV... I Take each morn with 1/2 tsp, bakingsoda and i have to say it has brought my pressure down from 187/107 to 169/107in just a 2 week period. I will continue to use. im so glad i came upon thissite. will keep you all posted."

    [YEA] 08/14/2007: Lynettefrom Keller , TX: "I became aware of high blood pressure about a month agoand at that time realised it may have been running high for many months. I hadhad a high reading twice at the dentist but didn't realise it was of concern.My husband monitors his BP so I had him take mine and it was 132/95. That wasexactly four weeks ago. I immediately cut salt out of my diet and probably getless than 500 mg of sodium all day. I cut out sugar in most all forms and beganeating lots of veg and fruit, I try to swim and do yoga most days or workout atthe gym. I started drinking 2 tsp ACV with honey and distilled water 2 - 3times a day. Initially with the honey my BP spiked high again and I had a dayof feeling really bad. I switched to sweetening the vinegar with stevia andafter four weeks my bp reading today was 104/68 - it has been steadilydecreasing since the first day of altering my lifestyle. It has read as low as98 /64. The biggest reductions seem to come from the ACV and from hot yoga. Ido feel wonderful, best I've felt in years . The ACV has cleared up an annoyingallergy that I have had for at least two years now. I have been doing oilpulling too for the past couple weeks and it also seems to help. Not quite surewhich is doing which but I know I have more energy , better focus in additionto the bp reduction. I am 51 and have fewer symptoms from menopause aswell."

    [YEA] 08/10/2007: Joe fromBeaumont, California: "Wow! I do not believe it! Had a double by-pass in2004 and have been on blood pressure medication and medication for acid refluxfor years. After I had some side effects from both medications decided to tryACV and garlic pills. Although my blood pressure without medication was only135/85 my doctor wanted it lower than that because of health history. There wasno doubt in my mind that ACV and garlic would not work! Well, dummy me! Itworked and worked big time! I have waited 2 months to post my story because Iwanted to be sure. Had appts with two of my doctors yesterday and my bloodpressure wast 110/72 and later that day 106/70. The big bonus for me was myacid reflux disappeared. I take 2 tablespoons of ACV in a glass of water and a6,000mg pill of garlic every morning. Try it! You have nothing to lose. Itworked for me and hopefully it will work for you.I also should add that Imonitored my blood pressure several times daily to make sure it was working.Good luck"
    [YEA] 08/01/2007:Yvonne from London, England: "I had really high blood pressure for me174/114 and I tried 2 tbls ACV in apple juice twice a day for two weeks. havejust had my blood pressure tested by the nurse and it is 130/72. She was asamazes as me have now had my blood test done for diabetes and cholesterol willlet you know the results when I get them. Thank you for the advice."
    YEA] 07/20/2007: Raphaelofrom Deerfield Beach, Florida: "My name is Raphaelo. I am 33 years oldliving in Florida. I have been living with Nasal cancer for almost 7 years.Like most cancer victims, I took chemo and radiation, but they didn't work forme. Before the treatment, I just had a cold and lump in my neck. After thetreatment, I become worse. The cancer spread into my throat. My face isswollen, my eyes are puffy, and I have dry mouth and skin. I feel weak and lookpale. Last week, I read a post on your site on how apple cider can lower high bloodpressure. Since My blood pressure was constantly high, I tried it. Ever sincemy BP is normal. The first time I try a remedy that works for me so fast. Ifeel lucky with that site. What physician couldn't do in 7 years, it's done inless than a week."

    [YEA] 07/19/2007: Luisfrom Bklyn NY, NY: "I do suffer from diabetes for several years. Severalweeks ago I went to the doctor and they told me that my cholesterol was quitehigh 210. I began taking ACV once a day 2 tablespoons a day. In about a month timemy cholesterol went down to 160 and blood pressure to 1about 120/80. I noticedthat it is suggested to take at least to take the ACV twice to three times aday. Also is the unfiltered product is being used. Has anyone used thecapsules? Two tablets do contain 600 mg of ACV. What have been the results ofusing the capsules? Appreciate comments. Thank you"

    [YEA] 07/18/2007: Keithfrom Vancouver, Canada: "ACV and honey worked for me. I mixed acv andhoney 50/50 with garlic,and took 2 tblsp twice a day. In 2 weeks my bloodpressure went from 150/100 to 130/80. I place the 2 tblspoons in dandelion tea,drinking it cold from a champagne glass. I keep a jug of the tea in my fridge.Very economical and handy. It tastes better than champagne!! Probably any tea woulddo, and I will start using it with green tea too."

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    YEA] 07/09/2007: Manjofrom CT, New London: "My BP was high around 96/146 for several weeks.After reading experiences on this site I started ACV. Now it is normal after 3weeks of 3 times a day 2tsp ACV with 1tsp honey and glass of water. I alsoexercise for 1hr daily, feel much better."

    [YEA] 06/10/2007: Reneefrom El Dorado, Kansas: "Whoops... I have been taking 2 Tbls ACV with 1/8tsp baking soda two to three times a day. A side beneift that I've noticed hasbeen that my vision has improved. I often have bouts of seeing lightdistortion, very similiar to how the heat coming off hot pavement looks. Thismakes it very hard to see and gives me a slight eye headache. Must have been BPrelated."

    [YEA] 06/04/2007: Gretafrom southeastern mountains, Kentucky: "Two years ago a doctor tried toput me on high blood pressure medicine and I refused. I have been trying toregulate it with just a few supplements with varied luck. The doctor said itwas holding around 146/88 or so. I have found it up in the 150/92 range butonly with stress and exhaustion. With the Michael's Blood Pressure Factor(naturopathic) I have kept it down to 134/76 avg. So two nights ago I startedsipping the "recipe". I use 1 shot glass of ACV to same of Aloe Verajuice or gel to 8 oz water and a heaping spoonful of raw honey. Today my lowestreading. I was cleaning and sat down to take the reading. It is a batteryoperated cuff and I do a little deep breaths before starting. My pulse was 79and my blood pressure (checked it twice) was 123/64 then 118/64... Something isworking... In addition I have lost the brain fog and my energy level isstarting to climb."

    [YEA] 06/03/2007: Kathyfrom Richfield, Ohio: "In January of this year I was getting headaches andan uneasy feeling---feeling out of sorts. I am a nurse, so I had other nursestake my blood pressure and it was elevated 160/90. This just added to myanxiety because, as a nurse, I know of the devastating effects of not treatinghypertension. A coworker has been on a health kick and swears by a 'tonic' thathelps 'everything'. I too decided to try it. I mixed 1 cup of _______ vinegar,1 cup raw honey and 8 cloves of garlic in a blender for about a minute. I thenpoured it in a clean glass ****le jar, put the lid on it and kept it in thefridge for 5 days. All this time I was checking my BP and was gettingconsistent readings of 150 to 170 systolic over 86 to 94 diastolic. On the 5thday, I shook my 'tonic', poured 2 tablespoons in a half glass of low sodium V8and did this once a day for 2 weeks. At the end of 2 weeks, doing NOTHINGdifferently except taking this everyday, I have a miracle to report. I nolonger have headaches when I'm running up and down the halls, no more uneasyfeelings----and the reason? My BP is back to normal. My readings are now 120 to130 over 78 to 86, over and over again!!! NO ONE WILL EVER TELL ME THISDOESN"T WORK ---I HAVE PROFESSIONAL WITNESSES! About 90% of the staff onmy floor are converts....Something so simple with none of the side effects mypatients are on with some drugs we dispense like candy. Don't be foolish---seehow good you feel after a few weeks on this stuff....I feel like a kid againand even sleep soundly! That in itself is worth a million bux."

    [YEA] 06/02/2007: Joelfrom Ottawa, Ontario: "I am a 49 year male that has bordered on high bloodpressure for some time. I do not smoke, am not overweight and have always donesome level of exercise. I do have a family history of HBP. My last visit to thedoctor I had a BP of 157/101. My wife (an RN) confirmed this over the next twodays. The instant solution was to put me on drugs. I refused wanting to do someresearch and see if there was some way I could take control of this problem. Ifound this web site and with some other info I gathered, I changed a fewthings: 1. I have been taking ACV - 2 tablespoons with 1/4 teaspoon of bakingsoda and a bit of water 3 times a day for 3 weeks - hint: plug your nose withyour fingers, drink up and don't let go of your nose for about 10 seconds; 2. Ihave been taking one 6000mcg allicin Garlic pill per day; 3. I take one lowdose 81 mg aspirin when I go to bed; 4. I have been walking 30 minutes per day;and 5. I cut salt right out of my diet. I went out bought a good automatic BPmonitor and have been keeping a log of my BP with 3 readings per day at mydoctors insistence (to prove I should go on medication). My BP as of 10 am thismorning is 121/78. I am sure it is a combination of things but thought I shouldlet other skeptics like me know that there is something real about this naturalblack magic, but you must commit to making a few changes. I will return to mydoctor in a month with my BP log and we agreed at that time we will decide if Ishould go on BP medication. I hope to continue on this path and have one heckof a surprise in store for him. I'll keep you posted."

    [YEA] 05/30/2007: Ramonafrom Loxley, Alabama: "I take ACV twice a day usually before meals (Lost36lbs). Around 8:00pm I became very upset and the back of my neck up to my headwas throbbing and became sick at my stomach. I pulled up blood pressure on thissite and remembered to take ACV and I did two tablespoons within 15 minutes thepain went away and I was very calm and the nausea went away. Organic is thebest."

    [YEA] 05/30/2007: Trishfrom Anchorage, Alaska: "Hello - I just wanted to say how happy I am withthe results of the Apple Cider Vinegar for a reduction of my blood pressure.The doctor was telling me that my blood pressure was too high 142/93 and wasgoing to put me on medication if I did not get those numbers down. I did notwant to take any medication and Googled your website and read about those thathad written in about the positive results they were having with Apple Cider Vinegar- so I decided to try it and after only a month of using my "remedy"of about 1 TBS of _____ Apple Cider Vinegar to 8oz of grape juice 2x per daythat my blood pressure went down to 133/82. My doctor was happy and so was I. Ialso feel a lot less achy in my joints too. So thank you, thank you for thissimple remedy - it worked for me!"

    [YEA] 04/29/2007: Jon fromLaconia, New Hampshire: "Going in to the military and I needed to lower myblood pressure. 154/85 at the beginning. Since I started using Apple cidervinager, and taking 1000 mg garlic pills. My blood pressure has dropped to139/80 which is still on the high side, but it's only been two weeks."

    [YEA] 04/29/2007: Jessefrom Freeport, TX: "Results of use of ACV: I began to take it aftersuffering some bouts with acid reflux, I have yet to have another bout sincetaking it months ago. I was also experiencing problems with allergies such ascongestion and runny nose. All of the symptoms are gone. For the pas threeyears my blood pressure readings had been high like 158/94. My last very recentphysical almost floored my physician when it read 128/68. I am convinced."

    [YEA] 04/23/2007: Debbiefrom Hollywood, FL: "Apple Cider vinegar brought my blood pressure down in2 weeks. I always had low normal blood pressure. But when I recently went tothe MD for allergy medicine my blood pressure was 140/98! I freaked out, whichmade it worse. I should have realized something was wrong because my heard hadbeen pounding and racing for a few weeks, and I felt different. I started witha juice fast for 2 days and I drank the cider vinegar 3 times a day for 2weeks. I really watched what I ate (no added salt) and did a lot af areobicexercise. I went back to my yoga and mediation also. The first 9 days, mypressure was still high. But at the 2 week mark it was back to 113/79. Now I amcontinuing with the cider vinegar and watching my salt intake. I am eating onlyhealthy foods. I feel great! And NO MEDS!"

    [YEA] 04/15/2007: Carolfrom OKC, U. S. A.: "To Connie from Columbia City, Indiana: I too, hadHypothyroid disease (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis) - I had it for 15 and a halfyears. During that time, I found that I had to take Vitamin E (low dose tobegin with and build up gradually b/c the initial effect is to increase BP(overall, the effect is to lower BP), Lugol's Iodine, Multi-B vitamin, separateB-5 (pantothenic acid) for stress, and a high-protein diet. I hope thishelps"

    [YEA] 04/04/2007: Haroldfrom Atlanta, USA: "I had two (2) strokes within the pass seven years. Iuse to take herbs but life happens and I forgot. when I start taking ACV myblood pressure has been averaging 190/185. after I started taking ACV, withinthree week my blood pressure has been 110/64 for the pass three months. this iswithout me taking all the meds the doctor had given me. I have two bloodpressure kit that I use constanly, so I won't have any surprises.
    Ialso had acid reflux , and it was so bad that I couldn't sleep no more thanthree or more hours at night , setting up.
    ThankGod for ACV. The meds that I was give, stop acid from being produce in mystomach, which kept the food from digesting which caused constipation. I tookACV. and slept like a log and have been taking it for the past few months. WHATI TOOK MAY BE MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU BECAUSE EVERYBODY BODY IS DIFFERENT, YOUHAVE TO SEE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, AND THEN YOU'LL HAVE THE GOOD RESULTS. IT TRULYIS THE BEST THING YET!"

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    YEA] 03/26/2007: Nancyfrom Miami, Florida: "My neighbor had shared with me the great news of howstable her blood pressure was thanks to the apple cider vinegar. I didn'tbelieve her, so I did some research on the web and found this site. Afterreading all the great posts on how great this simple liquid could cure so manyaliments, I went out a purchased a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar. Threedays into taking the vinegar. with honey and passion fruit juice, i visited mydoctor and my blood pressure was 200/90. However I still went ahead with thevinegar. mixture, which by the way taste great with the passion fruit andadjusted my salt intake. I have one kidney which is functioning well, but stillI need to treasure it. Still insisting in giving the vinegar. a chance to proveitself I had another reading 5 days later. My blood pressure last night was113/70! I never in my life had such a low reading even with the blood pressuremedication. I jumped up and down of joy, I almost cried! I even took a pictureof my reading, that's how excited I was. I shared with the doctor that I hadbegun taking the vinegar. and he didn't make a remark, he even went ahead andtook me off the cholesterol medication and wants to check me again in threemonths. I guess he must know about apple cider vinegar! Hahaha! I am lookingforward to trashing the medications soon! I feel vibrant, happy, agile. I amspreading the news. Thanks a million for all the good info you provide to thoseseeking to ease their aliments!"

    [YEA] 03/25/2007: Len fromLondon, Ontario, Canada: "I tried ACV to help relieve my gout on my rightfoot big toe, the pain was getting worse I found the earthclinic web site readthe reports on the use of ACV for gout and decided to try it to my surprise ithas worked after taking for 1 week 2 tbl mixed with water 3 times a day aftermy meals, after taking ACV for just 2 days I noticed the pain was not as bad Ialso noticed that my right knee that I have had problems with for over 8 monthswas getting better I can now bend my knee fully again I thought my knee wasdone & was about to see a doctor about it, & on top of that my bloodpressure was slightly high is now well within normal range. I cannot believethat the medical profession does not know about this, all the wasted time &money spent on on these problems can be solved with a simple remedy ACV. Manythanks to earthclinic web site & ACV. Len from London Ontario"

    [YEA] 03/13/2007: Gingerfrom Escondido, California: "Doctor told me I had High Blood Pressure andwanted to put me on meds. Was looking for an alternative to medication and cameacross this web site. Read about what Apple Cider Vinegar would do and decidedto try it. Not really expecting it to do anything. Boy was I surprised. Havebeen taking it for 10 days now and have seen my blood pressure come down from158/91 to 137/75. Am looking forward to it coming down more the longer I am onit. Have been taking ACV twice a day, two tlb's in shot glass followed by warmwater. Thanks for your web site and all the information."

    03/08/2007: Joe from Berkley , MA: "Well,I have been told by my doctor that I have hypertension BP 145/99. He put me onmeds last year they worked ok at first. Now he is telling me it's still high sohe put me on more meds to take with the one he's already giving me. He alsotold me my Cholesterol is too high - 266. So I was doing some internet work andcame upon your site talking about A.C.V. And so today I started to take it3/08/07 I'm looking foreword to getting off the med's some time soon I'll keepin touch and let everyone how it is going. thank you"

    [YEA] 02/27/2007: Raquelfrom Aichi Prefecture, Japan: "I tried to get some answers about mydaughter's recurrent cough and colds and somebody gave me your site so Iimmediately search it. I don't know how to thank you enough because for almosta month now my kids are taking this apple cider vinegar honey-lemon with bakingsoda and it's really working. I stopped all medications though her cough andcolds are still there because she has allergy, she now sleeps pretty well atnight. One thing more, ACV has helped me a lot, I am hypertensive and I wasdiagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis but after almost a month of taking ACV myblood pressure went down to 110/75 and also my amylase result went as high as133 which is above the normal 40-110 but when I got the result today It wentdown to 111 which is almost normal already. I will continue taking ACV and willkeep you posted. Thank you so much for your wonderful site. I'm praying that morepeople would find your site and that they will benefit from it. May Godcontinue to shower you with blessings. Godbless you and your
    YEA] 02/14/2007: Debrafrom Elkhart, TX: "Ok, I have been reading about HBP, which I have anddecided to go get some ACV. I went to the grocery store. I mixed 2tbls. withwater and drank about half. It hurt my stomach at first. I think I needed morewater. After about 30 minutes I noticed that my anxiety was gone. For the lastweek I have been panicking about my HBP, Just found out last week. I went tothe emergency room 2 nights ago for it. And they told me it could be anxiety.This stuff stopped it. I didn't know that it could do that. I did a search onit and sure enough, it can end anxiety. Praise God. Now I waiting for my bloodpressure to go down. I am already impressed. I feel happy. I never feel happy.I have been depressed for along time."

    [YEA] 02/12/2007: Barbarafrom Wallback, WV: "Female, 44yo, 5ft 9in tall, 240pounds, sugarlow/normal range, cholestoral normal at 134, and I wanted to say that ACV hasworked for me and has lowered my BP, over the last year I have noticed BP goingup, on 1-29-07 my BP was 144/97 I found your forum and started the acv today2-12-07 BP is a happy 119/85 the lowest it has been in a year, I will continueacv, I have noticed less muscle ache and more muscle strength. thanks for yourhelp"
    [YEA] 04/07/2007: Barbara from Wallback, West Virginia replies:"Hi Barbara reporting in again. I began with acv back in Jan 2007 my postwas in feb 2007. My bp is still doing great. No problems to report. I continuewith acv twice a day everyday. I just wanted to say how happy I am to see somany new people taking control of there own heath and trying to remove man mademeds from there lives. Learning how real food can cure! I wanted to share thisinfo - My father had cancer of the bladder 5 years ago, had bladder removed isdoing fine now, but last month he went for his 5th yearly check up, all thetest they do! He went to his doctor to get results and after the great almightydoctor proclaimed him cancer free for the fifth year (a milestone for cancersurvivors) my 73 year old father with macular degeneration of the eyes happenedto notice the date on the page it was from last year 2006! He told the Dr andthey could not find this years results (still waiting after 2 weeks). They makemistakes too! While I am grateful to the dedicated team of medicalprofessionals who saved his life, one can't help but get a little ticked offwhen a mistake such as this is made. Be aware and ask question, ask to reviewyour chart, keep a note pad with you if you have too. And seek for naturalcures! Thank you Earth Clinic, Peace and good health to everyone
    [YEA] 02/10/2007: Janefrom Odessa, TX: "I have struggled with GERD, Overweight, and fatigue forseveral years. After the medical discovery that Prilosec, Nexium and othermedications as these can stop calcium from being absorbed in your bones, I wasa little scared. So I decided to do some web surfing for natural cures.. AndYOU WERE HERE! Over a week ago I started the ACV and HOT water with baking sodamixture. The first three days I lost 5 pounds and my reflux problem was gone.It tried to come back later that first week, so I increased my intake of AVC toa more powerful solution.
    1/2 cup of ACV
    1/2 cup of water
    1/2 teaspoon of Baking Soda ( 1 x day)

    TodayI weighed again ad I have lost 9 lbs! I am so happy! Plus my blood pressure isbecoming more stable. The GERD is gone. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for thiswebsite! God bless you guys!"
    YEA] 02/06/2007: Pollyfrom Cordova, MD: "By gosh, it works! It lowered my 181/129 blood pressure64 points! If I cut down from the 3 times daily, it starts to go back up. Also,about 6 months ago I developed an acid reflux problem, which the vinegar (I use_______'s) took away that first night. All is well as long as I continue onACV. I hope it works for you, too."

    [YEA] 01/30/2007: Lindafrom Springfield, OH: "For a week now I have been drinking a shot glass ofA.C.V. followed by a glass of water, blood pressure reading are wonderful (low)I am still taking the meds but hope to get rid of them eventually. Also A.C.V.and hydrogen perxoide 50/50 and the nail fungus seems to be going away.Suggestions would be appreciated, Oh, I will start adding the Baking Soda tothe A.c.v, sounds like a great idea. This is a wonderful site. thank you"
    [YEA] 01/15/2007:Connie from Columbia City, Indiana: "After I was diagnosed withHypothyroid Disease around 45, my 120/80 days were over and it gradually gotworse with a high stress job, age, etc., despite the facts that I'm a life longvegetarian, distance runner and swimmer (my father has resistant high bloodpressure, too). I finally started medication about 2 yrs. later and tried severaltypes, with little effect. I am still taking Co-Reg and Benacar, but startedusing vinegar very liberally daily on all my veggies - all kinds of vinegar -apple, red wine, raspberry flavored, etc., and all of a sudden my Dr. got a118/80!!! With repeated numbers like this, I will be reducing and hoping to dcmy meds! The best part is, I can't stand to eat my salads or veggies without itnow. I often sweeten the vinegar (with the bad stuff - artificial sweeteners),too."

    [YEA] 01/11/2007:Krystal from Memphis, TN: "I cannot live without my _______s Apple Cidervinegar. 3 months ago, the doctor tried to put me on blood pressure medicine,but I refuse to take man made medicines; I just don't believe in using them,but since I have been taking ACV, I have not had any problems with my bloodpressure. At all. I take Tae Kwon Do and I use to feel so tired and out ofbreath. My heart would race and I would get light headed, but not any more. Iam 35 and strong as an ox! I also use it as a rinse in my hair. It makes myhair soft and it looks and feels clean. I've also noticed that my hair seems togrow faster since I've been using it as well. I use it on my body and my face.My face is clean, shiny and smooth. I use to break out, pimple here, pimplethere, dark spot here, dark spot there! Guess what! There is nothing on my facenow! My skin is clear and beautiful! I use it in my bath! Oh my! I cleanse mybody so good and helps my dry skin. I soak in it once a week. It is awesome! Ialso drink ACV with Honey everyday and I feel great! I've thrown out all of myman made body products. I emptied a spray bottle that had a well known bodyspray from a "secret" company and filled the bottle with _______s ACVand half with water. I spray it on my body after taking my shower at night andI took a jar that included facial cleansing pad and a solution and pour thatstuff out and added ACV full strength along with clean facial cleansing padsand I cleans my face with that every other night. Everyone thought I was goingover board until they saw what it does for me, now my family can't get enoughof it! I love it! I love it! I love it!"
    [YEA] 01/06/2007:Chris from Fort Lee, NJ: "IN TWO WEEKS MY BLLOD PRESSURE WENT DOWN FROM155/91 TO 130/85 AND PULSE 91 TO 80. THANK YOU GUYS"
    YEA] 01/02/2007: Billfrom Dayton, OH: "I'm one of those people who believe that drug companiesare not out to cure diseases but to come up with drugs to ONLY control them sowe're stuck buying them for a lifetime. After my doctor had me wear a blood pressuredevice for 24 hours I was told my blood pressure was high and he put me on(Micardis?). 2 months later on Superbowl Sunday, Feb. 5-06 I had a stroke. Iwish I could give you numbers and readings but I don't have them. 14 years agoI was told I was a diabetic and needed to control it with diet which I neverreally did. Anyway after the stroke my doctor had me go get my blood tested foralmost everything sugarwise. He told me of bad numbers on most everything. Thena friend told me about Apple Cider Vinegar and although it's not the tastiestthing I started taking a drink of Heinz ACV every morning. That started about 6months ago. On my last Dr. appointment going over another blood sugar test hewanted to know how much I was exercising because my blood pressure was good andso were all my sugar numbers plus I'm almost under 200 pounds for the firsttime in ??? I'm at 203 with a high of 232 and haven't changed a thing in mylifestyle. I haven't exercised on a regular basis since giving up softball atthe age of 46 four years ago. ACV has made a believer of me. Now if I couldjust pour it on my head and re grow my hair."
    YEA] 11/27/2006: Jenniferfrom New York: "I ran across this site recently. I've been looking fornatural ways to lower my cholesterol and blood pressure without having to takea lot of pills every day. It never occurred to me that my fathers remedy tocure his children's illnesses would also prevent high blood pressure. My fatherdrank 12 ounce mug of honey and apple cider vinegar in hot water every day foras long as I can remember. His cholesterol levels and blood pressure was neverhigh. It was always normal. He did pass away several years ago due to a heartattack. However, this was not brought on by cholesterol or blood pressure. Thiswas due to pneumonia, which he got every year for about 15 years. Still today,when I've feeling slightly ill, I make myself a cup of honey and vinegar. Imade this for an ex about 3-4 years ago. He couldn't believe how much better hefelt within 45 minutes after drinking honey and acv. He didn't believe me thatit would work. He was amazed."

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    [YEA] 11/24/2006: Nick from Tasmania, Australia: "Hi all. Myfamily have hb pressure generally, as they get older. Am 47 yo male and wasgetting marginal/ high . 150/90 blood pressure. Saw this site on Aug 11... 3months ago... Started drinking about 4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar inorange juice. Each morning.
    Atdocs today 3 months later for a checkup... now 130/ 80.. Am impressed.. PStried the cayenne pepper sore throat gargle also.. It works!! I like the ideaof drug free home cures"

    [YEA] 11/23/2006: Charlesfrom Greensboro, NC: "Apple cider vinegar 2 Tablespoons in 8oz water 3times a day lowered my high blood pressure.
    154/103pulse 75 10/20/2006
    133/97 pulse 77 11/23/2006"

    [YEA] 11/16/2006: Paulafrom Portales, NM: "I was looking up the benefits of ACV. Years ago imixed up a recipe that had ACV, grape juice, and apple juice, in it. Thisrecipe was for my mother, but I was drinking it too, it made me feel wonderful,and it lowered my Mother's blood pressure! My Mother's doctor told her to stoptaking it because it sounded like witchcraft to him, but she continued,thinking "It's working, isn't it!" I stopped taking it after Momdied, but on reading up on it, and finding that same recipe for it, I amresuming to taking it once again! I especially want to see the results on myacid reflux! Thanks too all"

    [YEA] 11/07/2006: Normafrom Lubbock, TX: "several months ago my bp started running. it was alwayslow it got to 180/102. the dr called in topro.l i got on this website and sawacv pills, so i have been on them 3 weeks now. my bp this morn was 111/77.everyday it is running around that i am so happy i found this site and acv also2 more friends have started on them also."
    [YEA] 10/16/2006: Wayne from Umhlanga Rocks, Kwazulu Natal SouthAfrica: "Apple Cider Vinegar has cured high cholesterol, high bloodpressure, and gout. 2 tbl spoons in a glass of cold water every morning. Thisis truly God's gift to mankind. You will never need another pill, ever. By theway, the gout was caused by taking the pills prescribed by my doctor.(rosuvastatin 10 mg ). It's such a pleasure to be able to pass on such goodnews. God bless you all."

    [YEA] 10/03/2006: Radhafrom Dallas, TX: "Hi, I suffered from severe preeclampsia due to highblood pressure during my preganancy my bp almost went up to 180/105 but evenafter pregnancy i had the same problem for months i had 150/100 range bp. LaterI was diagnosed with chronic hypertension. One day accidentally i browsedthrough your website and found the health benefits of acv and gave it a try.This time after 4 yrs of high blood pressure. To my amazement my bp was 100/59.My husband also could not believe this. Thanks to apple cider vinegar. (I used_______s organic ACV)."


    [YEA] 08/24/2006: N.I fromMonrovia, CA: "I would definitely give APPLE CIDER VINEGAR a try inreducing blood pressure. Just by taking it a few days I do see a difference inmy BP... although I don't know if I can totally attribute it to the vinegar. Ihave also been doing fresh garlic cloves, exercising (and losing weight), anddoing an herbal formula I found on line. I figure, if you're going to tryreducing your BP naturally, you might as well incorporate as many methods aspossible. Also, with the APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, try to buy a brand that isunpasteurized like the _______ brand. Good luck and may God bless and guideanyone suffering from any ailment to a natural cure."

    [YEA] 08/21/2006: Markfrom Charlotte: "I've tried ACV for high blood pressure with somesuccess."

    [YEA] 08/18/2006: Kimberlyfrom Nova Scotia: "I was diagnosed with contact dermatitis on my hands andfeet. It was caused from exposing my hands to spray nine without the use ofrubber gloves. I have been reading so much about apple cider vinegar anddecided to try it. Well, I was also diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and alsocame the slightly high blood pressure and cholesterol a tad high. I started totake the acv and low and behold, my next bloodwork was the best it has been in5 yrs. If my next 2 check ups are like this last one I may go off my diabeticand blood pressure pills all together. WOW! Thank you GOD for having the acv atour disposal."

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    YEA] 08/17/2006: Anitafrom Baguio City, Philippines: "Last year I experienced having high bloodpressure almost everyday and I keep on taking medicines but still the BP ispresent so I tried the apple cider vinegar because I learned from my daughterabout the effect and I surfed the internet and found that it is really amazing.For two weeks of drinking apple cider vinegar without honey or sugar because Ilike the taste, my BP is normal and my feeling is very good, and as if mystomach is cleaned from toxins. I will continue to drink apple cider vinegar toexperience more the health effects and I am sharing it with my friends so thatthey will also try. More power to _______s Company."

    [YEA] 08/14/2006: Sherrifrom Atlanta, GA: "A friend told me about ACV for the reduction of bloodpressure... and IT REALLY WORKED! For two weeks I've had extremely high BP,after trying 2 400mg tablets yesterday, my BP dropped from 180/131 to 116/82!IT'S A MIRACLE!"

    [YEA] 06/16/2006: Ceciliafrom Strongsville, OH: "I have had chronic lower back pain for years andafter taking AVC twice daily for a month I have noticed a drastic difference. Iwas restricted in activities and now I can do just about everything. While atthe doctor's I also found out that my blood pressure dropped from 124/80 to116/68. In January, 2006 I was diagnosed with acid reflux, which resulted withpills every day. Since taking the AVC I haven't had to take any medication forthe acid reflux. I believe it has also helped with my allergies. This really isa miracle cure."

    [YEA] 06/08/2006: Maryfrom NSW Australia: "I just read your web page on how ACV lowers bloodpressure so I gave it a try and in 10 minutes it dropped from 146 over 91 pulse82 at 10.05pm down to 138 over 80 pulse 83 at 10.15pm."

    [YEA] 05/29/2006: Sandrafrom Savannah, GA: "I took Garlic, ACV, all known foods against HBP[celery, bananas, etc.]. So discouraged b/c of high "situational" BP,dropped from trucking school/now, it has dropped from 169/110 to 159/98 in twodays. I knew better b/c i never have it. Not only that, being an af-am female,they were quick to offer some medication, which i just as quickly rejected! Getwell, stay well, everybody."

    [YEA] 05/25/2006: Soniafrom Lawrenceville, GA: "I was just diagnosed with HBP, and was put onmedication (2). The ACV lowered my BP, and the thing that really worked all thetime is Prayer. God is a healer, our bodies were not designed to go throughsickness, by his stripes we will be healed."

    [YEA] 05/16/2006: Edmundfrom Baltimore, MD: "My last physical was in March, my blood pressure was139/90. After finding this website. I thought I would give ACV a try. I stoppedtaking my HBP meds about a month and a half ago and have strictly been on ACVand garlic. I take 2tbls of ACV with a little spring water and I take 2 caps ofgarlic, which I buy loose and cap myself. I went to the nurse's office thismorning and had my blood pressure checked it was 124/77. I was amazed to saythe least. I try to watch what I eat, but I know It was the ACV and garlicbecause I had already modified my eating habits when my blood pressure washigher. I send this website to everyone I can think of. I have been preachingthe wonders of ACV!!!"

    [YEA] 03/11/2006: Ingridfrom Fort Walton Beach, FL: "Apple Cider Vinegar is a fast and reliableway of lowering high blood pressure. I had a reading of 166/102 about 30minutes ago, now it's at 143/86 after 3 or 4 tablespoons of ACV with water. Tryit, it works."

    [YEA] 02/01/2006: Donnafrom Lancaster SC: "I came across this site looking for natural results inlowering my husband's blood pressure which was 166 over 90 and had 1/3 of hislung removed due to finding lung cancer in stage 1 after we had a vehicleaccident. Since we both are American Indians, I wanted something natural so Igot it and tried it on him, myself and our 24 year old daughter who has asthma.We started this past Sunday and the next day I didn't feel bloated like usualso I told all at work and they just looked at me so I printed this out. Tuesdaymorning I had energy like never before so with the paper and they saw me andread this site they all went to get the ACV and about 20 customers were going.My husband's blood pressure is as of 1/31/06 150 over 80 and he claims that hefeels like "jumping rope" so with fresh vege and lean meats and verylow sodium in his diet with this is working and since Sunday i have lost 5 lbsand my hair is no longer falling out (waist length). It's so nice to comb mylong hair and it isn't falling out anymore or see my hair on everything.Thankyou all so much. Donna -- Geyatahi Cherokee Indian NC"

    [YEA] 11/23/2005: Carlenefrom South Africa: "I have tried adding 1 tablespoon chased with water inthe morning after breakfast and again in evening after meal to test if anydifference in my high blood pressure. In less than one week, I noticed I wasvery dizzy and feeling rather weak. I took my blood pressure and it was102/66... VERY LOW after years of 130s/90's WITH medication daily. I havestopped taking my blood pressure medication and checking my pressure 3 timesdaily to find it's consistently now 120's/70's. I am completely amazed. I'dbeen taking supplements (fish oil, garlic, E, flax) along with my medicationfor a long time and have kept that up. The only thing I can attribute thismajor change is the addition of apple cider vinegar!"

    [YEA] 09/02/2005: Jaimefrom Birmingham AL: "Had a headache, checked blood pressure it was veryhigh, mixed some ACV 10 minutes later, checked my pressure again it had dropped10 points top and bottom number THANKS"

    [YEA] 03/20/2005: Beckyfrom Orange: "i use a shot 1oz. shot glass. with a little water (chaser) Istarted using a shot of Vinegar-a vitaminC tab - & garlic gel cap forelevated blood pressure & to lower cholesterol. bp meds had bad sideeffects. An older gentleman (70ish) that lives in my town told his secret (whenasked) to looking great after looking not so great a few months earlier. Thiswas what he had been doing for himself. He was on bp & cholesterol medsthat were draining the life out of him. So he went the other route and looksgreat & more importantly feels. great. So I'm following his advice and alsoi'm 1 week smoke free."

    [YEA] Nita from Antigo,WI: "1 tsp of organic apple cider vinegar a day reduced my borderline highBP to normal range."

    [YEA] Tony from CazenoviaNew York: "I have been taking apple cider vinegar and honey for approx. 20yrs. (My teeth are fine) - my blood pressure was low 90's dystolic and wasbrought down to 70's without medication. Am a firm believer."

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    [YEA] 10/21/2008: Albert from Ottawa, Ontario: "After readingso many positive comments I decided to give it a try. I am a slim and healthyengineer who started taking Prozac for anxiety a few months ago. My bloodpressure went up from normal levels to about 138-145/87-95. Given that I am 48years old my doctor told me that it may also be related to my age and thatperhaps I may need to go into medication for it. I started searching and foundthis website and the comments on ACV. I thought that I had nothing to lose bytrying it. I even like vinegar with olive oil in my salads. Given the variousoptions for taking the ACV I opted for one that seemed more sensible for me.Half a glass of water with two tbs of ACV and 1/4 tbs of baking soda. I amtaking this three times a day. Early in the morning before breakfast about 1hour after lunch and 1 hour after dinner. I reasoned that perhaps on an emptyor semi-empty stomach would be better. Some people may not like the taste but Iam used to it and don't mind it at all. Let me tell you that the results in 10days of doing this have been very impressive. I have been taking my pressuresome times twice a day. My blood pressure started coming down. I have had onlyone spike one day around the 4th day. I have been 120-125/70-75 in the lastfive days. So, what can I tell you? Try it out, you may be happily surprised bythe results."

    [YEA] 08/20/2008: Aim fromLouisville, Ky: "I got an e coli infection from eating at a local fastfood joint. After the five days of diarrhea I then had a kidney/bladderinfection from it.
    Myblood pressure on tuesday was 149/94. I read on here about the ACV and bakingsoda. I put two tablespoons acv with with a 1/4 tablespoon baking soda in afull glass of water. About three hours later I took my blood pressure; it was124/79. Wow, and I feel so much better too!
    Ihad to force myself to drink it, but it was definently worth it."

    [YEA] 07/09/2008: Bethfrom Fox Cities, Wisconsin: "I was quite amazed today when I went into thedoctor. My blood pressure was 150/80 a few months ago and now it's 130/80! Adrop of 20 in a few months I think is quite amazing. The only thing that I'vebeen doing different is taking 2 tablespoons of ACV and 1/4 teaspoon of bakingsoda. I also eat a few peanuts or some peanut butter to help with the taste ifit's getting to me one day."
    [YEA] 08/23/2008: Leena from Montrose, CO replies: "You mightget rid of the peanuts because of mycotoxins and consider almonds or walnutsinstead. Watch "Know The Cause"."

    [YEA] 06/23/2008: Carolfrom Greenville, USA: "... I take the pinch or 1/4th tsp of Baking Sodaand 2 TBLS of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR in 4 oz of COLD WATER and it has lowered myheartrate from 117 to 72.This has also lowered my BLOOD PRESSURE from to 112/60I feel full of energy and I do this before I eat first thing in the morning andlast thing at night. I sometimes take it at NOON for a **** me up. I no longerhave acid reflux/ GERD. I sleep and breathe better as I have sleep apnea."

    [YEA] 10/06/2007: Alicefrom Lincoln, CA: "I was feeling very bad in many different ways (mostlyfrom anemia) when I found your site. The most pressing problem I was having washigh blood pressure and water retention that had come on quite suddenly and wasmaking me feel like I might explode. The DR gave me meds, of course, theyreally weren't working (avg BP 160/95 with meds)and I thought I should tryother methods rather than have him raise the dosage, and besides, why was Isuddenly having this problem?
    Ihad tried ACV along with my mother many years ago when I was a teenager to helpwith winter athritis and sore throats, but I had forgotten about it. So afterreading about it on your site, I immediately started by having 2tbls ACV 1/4tspbaking soda and a little agave nectar for sweetner in a mug of hot water.Within a couple hours of my first mug I was up and about feeling better. Mygrown son could not believe the transformation. He happened to come by for avisit right when I was drinking that first dose and I changed right before oureyes. I'm so glad he was here to see it so I know I'm not imagining things. Icontinued using it at least twice a day. The first night I felt so good in myskin, it was wonderful. It took several weeks to get off the BP meds, I hadonly been on them several weeks before starting ACV so I think I had not becomedependent on them. Other people should be very careful about changing their BPmeds, DR should monitor this. The water retention problem got better and bettereach day and finally disappeared after a couple weeks. Last BP check at DRs was135/85, not bad.
    Amazingly,and without me expecting it, my hot flashes that had appeared with a vengenceat the same time as the high BP, completely disappeared at that first mugful.It took me a couple days to realize it, but I have not had one since, not ONEhot flash since, and they were rolling in just about one an hour, and believeme they were very thoroughly HOT.
    Ivery patiently waited before writing in to you, and it is over 5 months laternow, and I have my mug once a day or more, even while staying away from home (Ihave been sad to leave organic ACV behind in hotel rooms because I don't knowof a good way to travel with it by air). I believe my digestion is better andelimination more regular though I would not have said before that I wasparticularly troubled in that area. It helps my overall sense of well-being. Ican certainly tell if I haven't had some for a day-- I just feel off withoutit.
    Ihave to add, though, sometimes my ACV doesn't sound good, it kind of hits mystomach funny, gives me a hollow feeling, and sometimes I feel like it heats meup, not quite a hot flash, but not desirable for someone who's had too many hotflashes. I don't know what this aversion is all about, but I manage to makemyself have some, even if just a more diluted version of it and in coolerwater. I am always glad that I did. After reading more, I think I will try thebaking soda in water alone, or the lemon juice with baking soda in water nexttime the ACV just doesn't sound good.
    Thankyou so much for this site. I am determined to continue trying things until Ifeel like I remember I once felt--really well and useful."
    [YEA] 08/08/2009:Fabat50 from La, Ca: "ACV, and healthy diet, cured HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, Hithank you for this web sight, I too, am addicted, Ive got the family on acv theresults are amazing. 2 tbs with V8 3 to 6 oz,once or twice a day. The mostimpressive is my mother, she was in so much pain!! nightmares, fatigue,incontence,depression, ON 10 rx meds, The side effects were horrible, and shehad them all! This was the cause of her misery!! After a few months of acv, 50%raw food diet, lean protein, fish oil, garlic tabs, She has lost 25 lbs, Her bpis now 130/78 somedays lower, She is now down to ONLY, 1 and a quarter bloodpressure rx, And the Dr is now weaning her off of those, WITH A LITTLEPRESSURE, she was on 4 bp meds, Her blood sugar is stable, SHE FEELSGREAT"

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